About Mar Triveni
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About Mar

Mar Triveni grew up being a curious soul since she was a little girl. Seeing light beings by the ocean, aura colors, remembering past lives since 9, she was always eager to learn about the afterlife and unseen dimensions.

Growing up in an environment where her family manage a school for Gestalt/Higgins Therapy Instructors, every week she listened to classes & conferences about Inner child healing by the age of 15, Mar decided to go to the international school of Dr. Romero Higgins to became an instructor where she was trained to give emotional/trauma release therapy and was active for over 10 years.

After her parents divorce when she was a teenager, living by herself, and facing her “dark night of the soul”, being a single mom of her first daughter, passing through a divorce at a young age and dealing with anxiety and stages of depression. She immersed herself into her healing process and started to realize that after years of receiving so many psychological therapies, it was not helping her to have the changes she wanted to see in her life. So, at 25 years old, she decided to study other therapeutic methods and other holistic alternatives to see if they could help her to have a bigger positive impact in her life.

Some of the courses she has taken are: are Energy Healing, Past life regressions, Holistic Massage, Bach Flowers therapy, Aura reading, Pineal Gland Activation, Ancestral Mexican Medicine, Water Constellations, Therapeutic Tarot, Energetic Channeling, Reiki, kinesiology, Sound healing, Medical Biomagnetism, Light codes activation. With studies in Homeopathy, Psychomagic, Soul Consciousness, Family constellations, Tzolkin maya, Vedic & Shamanic Rituals.

After years in her healing process and starting to see the positive changes in her life, she understood that we have blockages in different dimensions of the soul and that we need to “work” in different aspects of it as multidimensional beings, so we can start creating the life that really we want to. Organically, after offering so many healing sessions in different areas of the being, Mar developed her own multidimensional technique: Soul Immersion Healing Session, offering presencial & online sessions to many people from around the world.

Mar’s intuition and open heart coupled with decades of training will guide you to unlock parts of yourself to recognize your master within.

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