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Therapies one to one long distance and presential

Soul Reading

Uncover your soul purpose

During this channeling session, I connect with your soul which appears to me as a flower. The manifestation of your soul flower has unique colors, shapes, and sizes, and acts as my portal into your memories and wisdom accumulated throughout your lifetimes.

My intuition and your spiritual guides work in-tandem across multiple dimensions of the soul with messages that need to be integrated into your life. I will see where in your life you are on your path, and what is preventing you from living your highest self.

I work across multiple dimensions of the soul including inner child healing and memories from childhood, transgenerational patterns with your ancestors, messages from spiritual guides or angels, memories from past lives, Chakra harmonizing, removal of blockages or contracts from other lifetimes, and activation of light codes.

Price $150 usd

Water Constellations

Look at our own behaviors and reveal which are inherited family patterns to heal and transform.

Based on family constellations therapy.

70% of what we think, feel and experience are connected to family clan histories.

We inherit family trauma, pain, and patterns for generations and these ancestral patterns can impact our relationships, health, career, and more.

This systemic therapy uses the power of water to to learn about yourself, bring awareness to ancestral dynamics, and address the opportunity to break free from soul loyalties connected to the clan.

Water constellations is a systemic therapy honoring the water as an intelligent and live element. Recent studies prove that the molecular structure of water can hold and transmit information as well as hold all of humanity’s memories.

During the session we communicate with the water using figures which represent your family constellation. The water reveals whose patterns your soul is repeating, who your soul is loyal to and potentially repeating family history that has not been healed. With gratitude and love we can repair loyalties from the soul and begin to create a different and more harmonious life.

Duration: 2 hours / Price: $200 usd

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